Broadside Mods

Broadside Mods make high quality vape gear with a focus on safety, power and reliability. Broadside specialize in Mechanical Mods, rebuildable atomizers and replacement parts and accessories for vapes. Broadside Mods are very popular among the vape DIY enthusiasts. Buy Mech Mods, RDAs and Broadside vape mods from Leaf House Vape Shop Australia.

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Broadside Mods FAQs

Broadside Mods have a high focus on safety and ensure that their mechanical mods are made as safe as possible. Users of mechanical mods are encouraged to get a good knowledge on battery safety before investing in a Mech Mod from Broadside Mods.

Both the Broadside Brizo 21700 Mech Mod and the Broadside Admiral Nashty 20700 Mech Mod are very popular mods. It depends if you like a traditional fire button or a modern design with the fire button on the lower front.