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Founded in 2020, BP MODS work collaboratively with Dovpo and other vape brands. BP Mods have made some very popular products including vape mods, vape cotton, vape atomizers, squonk kits and DIY vape parts and accessories. PB Mods have also worked collaboratively with other vape brands to develop vape compatible parts and accessories that work across vape brands. The BP Pro Vape Cotton was also very popular. Buy BP Mods vape products from Leaf House Vape Shop Australia.
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BP Mods FAQs

BP Mods is a good vape brand that makes a wide range of vape products. BP Mods is a popular vape brand specializing in DIY vape products and compatible vape products that work across different brands.

The BP Mods PIONEER RTA is a 22mm MTL RTA with a 3.7ml e-liquid capacity. The build deck is perfect for a little MTL coil with two posts and bottom airflow through the central pin. The tank comes with three different pins. The airflow can be further adjusted by the 6 hole air ring at the base of the tank.

The Pioneer RTA is particularly suitable for all enthusiastic MTL vapers.