Airistech was founded in the year of 2013 at Shenzhen, China. Since then, Airistech has been dedicated to the development, manufacture and sales of dry herb vaporizers, vapes and accessories. Some of these products include the Airistech Herbva 5g Vaporizer and the Airistech Headbanger Kit. Airis Vaporizers are made to FDA Standard, also compliant with GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) Standards and are made in a ISO9001 clean facility. Buy Airistech dry herb vaporizers from Leaf House Vape Shop Australia.

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Airistech Airis Vertex VV 2.0- 510 Pen Battery-Vape Cart-Vape Australia-2aAiristech Airis Vertex VV 2.0- 510 Threaded Pen Battery-Vape Australia-2a
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Airistech Airis Vertex VV 2.0 Vape Pen Battery Mod - PLUS BULK BUY OPTION

$14.95 - $24.95
Aristech Water Bubbler Attachment-Vape Dry Herb-Vape Shop AustraliaAristech Water Bubbler Attachment-Vape Australia-Dry Herb Vape
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Airistech FAQ

Airistech makes a range of dry herb vaporizers including devices that vaporize wax, oils and resins.

Generally Airistech is considered a mid-level brand and is cheaper than brands like PAX, DAVINCI and STORZ & BICKEL. Although Airistech is cheaper than other dry herb vaporizer brands, it is generally considered to be a good quality brand for its price range.