How To Use Your DynaVap Vaporizer

Induction heating and applying heat to your vaporizer is something different for many dry herb vapers.

Steps To Using Your DynaVap VapCap

Using your DynaVap Vaporizer and understanding DynaVap Vaporizers is important and will ensure you get the most out of your device. We have outlined some points below to help you use your vaporizer.

How To Use Your DynaVape Vaporizer with a torch lighter-Vape Shop Australia
This image is for demonstration purposes and Leaf House Vape Shop does not condone the use of illegal drugs and users of devices shown in images need to have a prescription.
  • Before using your device for the first time, read the instructions that came with the device and give the vaporizer two or more dry runs without any flower in the VapCap. This process with get you familiar with how it works before you actually use it and will reduce the chance of unintentionally combusting the dried flower.
  • The VapCap is very unique and unlike any other vaporizers, so there is a learning curve when it comes to getting to know the feel of its unique temperature-indicating ‘CLICK’. Its a good idea to heat the VapCap in a quiet area, listen and feel so you know what you are looking for. When using a torch lighter, it should take about 5 or 6 seconds to ‘CLICK’. Also, it is important to heat the middle of the cap and rotate the cape while heating. Try not to heat the end of the cap, this can cause too much heat in one spot which may cause herb burning. If it takes longer than 6 seconds and you dont hear a ‘CLICK’ – stop heating and let the cap cool down and assess things.
  • Overheat your VapCap can permanently damaged it, so it is very important you stop heating if you hear dont hear the ‘CLICK’. Make sure to allow the cap to cool down before touching it and before heating for the next cycle.
  • When you are ready to use your vaporizer for the first time and have been through the process of giving the VapCap a few dry runs, let it cool down and remove the cap. Fill the chamber with dried flower that is ground but still course. Finely ground herb can get through the diffuser disc and into the unit. After filling the chamber, place the VapCap back onto the device.
  • When heating up the cap with a torch, rotate it and focus the heat on the last third of the cap and on the side and not the end. Continue rotating and heating the cap until you heat or feel the ‘CLICK’. The ‘CLICK’ means the VapCap is ready. Then start inhaling from the tip.
  • When it comes to taking a puff from the mouthpiece, if you block the air hole completely the draw will be very restricted. It’s a personal preference, so you may choose to block the air hole initially and then open it as it gets too restricted. Some find they get the best result by taking long, slow steady draws with the hole completely open, while others will intermittently or lightly cover the air hole.
  • Keep drawing on the mouth piece until you hear the ‘CLICK’ again, this means the VapCap has cooled down. Make sure the VapCap has done the cool down ‘CLICK’ before reheating for the next cycle. If you are not sure if it has re-clicked, gently blow on the end to cool it. It may take up to 1 minute to reset.
  • When there is no longer any flavourful vapour and the cap has done the cool down ‘CLICK’, then you a good to remove the cap. The used flower can be blown of of the end of the device or you can scoop it out. Then your ready to reload for another session.

Using An Induction Heater

When it comes to heating the VapCap with an induction heater the process is more or less the same, only the way that the cap is heated is different. Below we have outlined the general process, when it comes using an induction heater.

How To Use Your DynaVape Vaporizer with Induction Heater-Vape Shop Australia
This image is for demonstration purposes and Leaf House Vape Shop does not condone the use of illegal drugs and users of devices shown in images need to have a prescription.

Heating the DynaVap VapCap with an induction heater like the DynaVap DynaTec Apollo 2 Induction Heater, is super easy. You still prepare your vaporizer in the same way as normal (as described above), only when it comes to heating you insert the cap into the induction heater. To heat the cap, insert it into hole in the induction heater. In some cases you will lightly press down to engage or activate, then you hold the cap inside the induction heating hole for 5-8 seconds until you hear a ‘CLICK’. From there everything is the same, you wait to hear the cool down ‘CLICK’ and then you are good to reload or reheat.

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