Nicotine E-liquid

Vaping without nicotine is very rare from a global perspective and millions of people around the world and especially in other western countries have the option to pop down to their local vape shop and legally purchase e-liquid containing nicotine. In most cases the nicotine e-liquid is sold under regulated conditions to ensure e-liquid quality […]

VGOD Trick Tank

VGOD Trick Tank

The Leaf House in Melbourne is proud to stock this awesome new tank. If you are an experience vaper you should love this somewhat different device. The VGOD Trick Tank is basically designed for the tricksters out there. It features a 3ml e-liquid tank and is 24mm in diameter. If you like doing cloud tricks then […]

Kiwi Fruit E-liquid

House Brand E-liquid- Kiwi Fruit Man this flavour this definitely my favourite at the moment. Whether you actually like kiwi fruit or not, you are almost guaranteed to love this awesome flavour. It has all the good sweet characteristics of kiwi fruit (only time about 10!) and non of the bitter characteristics. It reminds me […]

Juice Cards

Leaf House Vape Shop Melbourne- Juice Cards Pick-up a Juice Card next time your at the Melbourne Leaf House Vape Shop. Get a stamp every time you buy a 30ml e-liquid and get one FREE bottle for every four or five bottle you buy! Instead of getting a free bottle of e-liquid your can choose to […]

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