Leaf House Vape Shop Counter
Leaf House Vape Shop Display and Counter

Melbourne Vape Shop- The Leaf House Vape Shop

Our Shop is close enough to the city for the city dwellers to get to us easily enough and far enough out for people from the suburbs to pop in to town and find us and not worry to much about parking and the hustle and bustle of the city.

We have a good range of e-lquid and we stock our popular house brand along with a number of top quality Australian made e-liquid brands and also a number of international brands.

We have a large range of vaporizers from simple vape pens right through to some of the latest sub-ohm tanks and box mods. We also stock parts, accessories and DIY tool. We have a couple of little work benches and some common tools floating around so feel free to build and work on your coils here in the shop.

We aim to have as much resources and information here in the shop as possible to help people with all there enquires. But the vape world can get confusing even for us, especially with all the latest advancements in vape technology. So we have installed a large TV monitor in-store connected to the web so if we can’t held you with your enquire together we can look it up and nut it out.